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International B2B Lists

B2Bdata lists have gone beyond the borders by providing International Emails Lists for low costs. Now you can start planning for your email marketing campaign in ANY region without any doubts! With our 2022 Fresh, High-Quality & Inexpensive Records, there are no reasons for not growing your business internationally...

1.7 Million Records


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188,000 Records


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Other Countries

Email Lists in more than 45 countries across South America, Africa and Oceania.

American Samoa: 2,249

Andora: 87

Angola: 61

Anguilla: 34

Antigua and Barbuda: 287

Argentina: 64,547

Ascension Island: 365

Bahamas: 1,853

Benin: 11,100

Bermuda: 431

Bolivia: 1,460

Botswana: 1,555

Brazil: 114,500

Cayman Islands: 4,789

Chile: 6,769

Colombia: 10,992

Congo: 310

Costa Rica: 1,718

Ecuador: 17,558

Egypt: 8,735

Ghana: 28

Honduras: 14,220

Mauritius: 417

Mexico: 11,200

Namibia: 193

Netherlands Antilles: 28,100

Nigeria: 105

Paraguay: 220

Saint Helena: 646

South Africa: 14,401

Sudan: 1,174

Zambia: 120

Zimbabwe: 325

How It Works

1. Choose any International B2B list

2. Pay online using PayPal

3. Receive a download link

4. Your B2B list becomes yours!


B2Bdata has been our sole data provider for all our major email campaigns. They are very cost-competitive with very accurate results.” -William Elliot

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