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Europe B2B Lists

B2Bdata provides the highest quality and most affordable European emails and phone lists on the internet. Whether you are looking for an email or telemarketing campaign in UK, Germany, France or any other European country, we can help you by easily providing high quality business email lists & company listings for ANY industry in ANY region.

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785,000 Emails


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364,000 Emails


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289,000 Emails


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2.7 Million Records


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Other European Countries

Albania: 15,080

Armenia: 4,260

Belarus: 698

Belgium: 55,816

Czechoslovakia: 14,362

Denmark: 50,200

France: 289,000

Finland: 75,651

Germany: 364,000

Greece: 56,000

Hungary: 57,460

Iceland: 37,770

Ireland: 26,150

Italy: 95,100

Latvia: 1,246

Lithuania: 1,671

Luxembourg: 724

Netherlands: 31,000

Norway: 28,162

Poland: 12,290

Portugal: 13,570

Romania: 727

Russia: 25,550

Spain: 30,880

Sweden: 98,000

Switzerland: 32,785

Ukraine: 2,538

United Kingdom: 785,000

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